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Image Usage & Reproduction Policy
PhotoIndividuals and institutions wishing to receive reproduced images from the collection of the Tuxedo Park Library must submit a request in writing. Fees may be associated with use of the image(s). Usage is predicated on the following:
  1. Requestor must complete and submit a Image Usage & Reproduction Request Form.
  2. The permission granted is for a one-time use of the image, as indicated by the requestor on the Image Usage & Reproduction Request Form. Subsequent usage must be requested in writing, and is subject to additional fees.
  3. The requestor may not make any derivative copies of the image.
  4. The image may not be loaned, sold or given to any commercial agency, person or organization.
  5. The integrity of the image must be maintained. Use of the image within a context that is misleading or defamatory is not permitted.
  6. In granting permission to the requestor, the Tuxedo Park Library does not surrender its own right to use the image or grant others permission to use them.
  7. The use of the material in publication (in print or electronic form) complies with any donor agreements that may be attached to the materials.
  8. The use of the material in publication (in print or electronic form) complies with copyright restrictions.
  9. A copy of the published work containing the image must be given to the Tuxedo Park Library free of charge.
  10. The image should be cited as follows: "Tuxedo Park Library, Tuxedo Park, NY."


  1. $10 per image for not-for-profit institutions, personal use, private research and scholarly use (school report or dissertation).
  2. $20 per image for use on a personal website or exhibition.
  3. $50 per image for publication (in print or electronic form) in a book, journal, magazine or commercial website.
  4. Fees cover cost of DVD, and delivery of item via US mail. Express delivery will incur additional cost.
  5. Payment is due prior to release of images.

Copyright Statement:

Some requested works which are physically owned by the Tuxedo Park Library may be protected by copyright, trademark or related interests not associated with the Tuxedo Park Library. The responsibility for determining whether any such intangible rights exist, for obtaining all necessary permissions, and for guarding against the infringement of those rights that may be held elsewhere, remains with the requestor.